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Random Postcolonialism Post. Thanks!

I’m not done with the postcolonial series yet. But I’m doing some research so I can post an extensive list of works for everyone to read: from poetry to theatre. I was wondering if you are also interested in films and/or art in general because I am taking a course on African Literature that is actually dealing with movies.

Meanwhile, Emily at The Book Eater has interviewed me and I’m trully honoured. This is my first interview, so, be sure to check Emily’s and explore her wonderful blog.

Also, Risa has given me the opportunity to interview her on some postcolonial issues. I came up with the idea after reading her comment and I thought it would be wonderful to leave academic works besides and ask a young woman in India about present issues. I am still amazed she is praised for speaking such good English.

I would like to know what you would like to read about. I think I’m done with the most basic postcolonial points, but maybe you are interested in countries I haven’t mentioned or know works I haven’t said a word about. So, if you have written a review and would like to share it, leave the link below so we can enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone, especially to Risa and Emily for the opportunities they have brought along.

Suggested works:

  1. The Constant Gardener (John LeCarré)- A perspective on postcolonial Kenya. The book is simply perfect and the movie is saved by Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes. As I said, this book changed me, so owe it a post in the near future.




  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for all your work on this! I plan to go over all your postcolonial posts in more detail (been so busy this last week or so) and am so grateful for all the information. I’m working on creating a (rather large) book list to read and will be sure to include some of your suggestions. I’m also very glad to have found your blog as part of this whole discussion.

    • Elena

      Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth! I will be publishing a list over the next few days, so try to come back. With these series I want to inform people about a large body of literature I think they might enjoy. That is why I need your feedback: I want to know what you like so I can give you more information and recommendations.

  • amanda

    If the people amazed that Risa speaks such good English are Americans, I’m going to broadly stereotype my own country, and say they’re probably just amazed at people that speak more than one language…we don’t always do too great of a job at learning other languages. And that’s my cynical comment for the day!

    I’m going to have to put The Constant Gardener on my to-be-read list. I remember when the movie was out (I’ve not seen it) thinking that maybe I should read it, but never got further than that. You’ve really got me intrigued by it now, though…

    • Elena

      It will change your life, Amanda. It did with mine and I’m so thankeful I got to read such a good work last year. I think the book will oblige you to grow up a lot as a person. Keep me posted, please.

  • Jillian

    My favorite part of the post-colonial series has been the history — if you’re still looking for feedback. Part of why I love literature, is my love of history. And sadly, I know little of history outside America. I’m working on repairing that. 🙂

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