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Bookish Christmas

Every Christmas I try not to fill my wish-list with books, but all I ever do is try… and fail. But, aren’t book the best gifts? These are the one I got for being such a good girl and reader:

Our Kind of Traitor (John LeCarré) – After reading his wonderful The Constant Gardener, I thought his last book, that takes places during the economic recession in England, must be great as well. It promises social criticism, love, crimes and intrigue.


Lamb (Christopher Moore) – I am such a big fan of Christopher Moore! He is a wonderful and hilarious writer plus, he answers fan emails back. This is about the teenagers years of Jesus Christ and it looks as as light and funny reading.

Tamara Drewe (Posy Simmonds) – I have already read this graphic novel because I really loved the film. It is quintessentially English and it reads very quick. The main character, Tamara is a complicated and manipulating young woman who comes back home after her mother’s death. But she is no longer the ugly duckling her neighbours remembered and she turns the whole town upside down.

London Fields (Martin Amis) – One of my favourite actresses is starring in the movie coming out next year, so I thought I’d better read the original work while waiting. There is a woman, Nicola Six, who knows when, how and why will kill her, but she doesn’t really know the man, her muderer. On the other hand, a man enteres a public house and finds a stage ready to follow his orders.

The Cemetery of Prague (Umberto Eco) – Umberto Eco is basically a god when it comes to literary theory and his last novel, published 20 years after The Name of the Rose looks very interesting: a 19th century forger in Paris tries to remember his life. But his life is not that simple, specially when you meet people like a doctor called Froïd and the Italian revolutionary Garibaldi. Historically interesting.

What about yours? Which books did you get? Have you discovered anything new to read in this first month of 2011? Let me know!


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  • Julie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, Elena! As far as Southern Fiction recommendations, I would suggest Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson. It earned a five star rating from me in 2010 and it is the book that made me fall in love with the genre……

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