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Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is Elizabeth Gilbert‘s autobiographical novel about her middle-age crisis and the journey she embarked on in order to “discover her real self”.

The book is divided into three parts: Italy, India and Bali. Elizabeth spends four months in each place trying to recover from a 2 year-long divorce and an addiction to her hurtful lover, David. In Italy she eats, studies Italian and learns to enjoy life. In India she wakes up really early to work hard and learn to pray properly. Last, but not least, in Bali he meets again with the medicine man who, some years before had predicted  she would come back.

So, Eat, Pray, Love is the story of a woman who leaves her life in order to travel to all those places still regarded as “exotic” in our society to discover more and more stereotypes and clichés. The only good part of the whole book is the first one , in Italy, when all she does is to study Italian, read good books and eat pizza and ice-cream… so it makes the reader want to spend a weekend in Rome too! But the rest of the book is very, very boring, kind of new-age spiritual, searching for God like. Also, it must be highlighted that the author lives her travels according to stereotypes: “only the Italians can enjoy life (poor us hardworking Americans)”, “only in India one can find their true self” etc. Not such an important book as it is socially considered.

Also, Elizabeth seems to be living in hell just because she was living a life she did not like, a life she did not feel fullfilled with. But this same thing happens to many other women in the world, thousands of working moms and they do not run away to travel for a year all around the world. So, Gilbert should be happy to be such a lucky woman and do something good with her money, time and life instead of leading a self-centred journey to run away from her friends and family.


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