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I Curse the River of Time by Per Petterson

I Curse The River of Time is a very interesting novel by Norwegian author Per Pettersen: it deals with the life of Arvid, a middle-aged man that tries to cope with his mother’s cancer while surviving his divorce and the loss of his dreams.

When Arvid is told by his brothers that their mother is gone to Denmark after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, he cannot help to run away with her. Once in his mother’s home town, Arvid begins to discover a side of that woman who gave him life and who had been a completely unknown to him. So, this is not only a novel in which there is an interesting plot, but also an interesting journey, both physical and psychological, from our ideolised childhoods to our adulthoods paying special attention to the importance of our youth.

I personally loved the book from the very beginning  but, at the same time it became a little bit boring because there is no propper plot, there is nothing to be found at the end. This is more a psychological study of a European generation highly influenced by Comunism and its highly expectations that would later on be a complete failure. The title itself is taken form the line of a poem by Mao! So, this is a very interesting reading, although boring at some points because of its complexity and the huge amount of  literary works quoted.


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