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The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

This a post for Sadie-Jean because she owns one of the best novels of English Literature and she hasn’t read it yet! And also because I cannot wait to discuss this novel with her.

The Woman in White, a victorian work by English writer Wilkie Collins, is considered the first detective novel of a period full of other famous characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Watson. When Walter Hartright gets a job as a drawing teacher at the Fairlie’s he would have never imagined he would meet  two fo the most important people in his life. Laura Fairlie is the typical victorian lady: squeamish and very sensitive, she is a passionate painter who lives with her stepsister Marian Halcombe: a strong and independent woman who takes care of Laura as if she were a little and innocent girl. And everything would be normal if Walter had not met a woman the night before his first day at the Farilie’s… a woman all dressed in white. From now on, the story has the best ingridients to develop into one of the greatest classics works full of romance, intrigue, crimes and persecutions.

The Woman in White has become one of my favourite readings: not only is the plot very interesting but it is developed through very deep and interesting characters. I have personaly felt a great admiration for Marion Halcombe who provided Victorian women with a different role model, away from the very-affected-&-ver-pale standard of the times. On the other hand we have Laura and her insufferable weakness which, at some points, will tire the reader till dead.

Last but not least I would like to dedicate some lines to Count Fosco who is one of the most intelligent, complex and admirable characters I have read about. Sincerely, I think he would make a good rival to the always great Sherlock Holmes.


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