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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre                                                       (Charlotte Brontë)


Jane Eyre is named after its main character and provides the reader with her personal experiences from her childhood to the “now” period in the novel, when she is a married a woman. She is an orphan left to her uncle’s tutelage but when he dies it is his wife, Mrs. Reed who will deal with Jane.  She cannot accept Jane is another member of the family and emotionally tortures her until Jane faints. Then she is sent to a school where she will grow-up becoming, after some years, a teacher. Up to this point I will not tell anything more about the plot because I think this work is worthy to read.

On the other hand, although terribly interesting her expierences are very sad and her own reflections about them seem to be extremely depressing  in contast with her innocence and her hopes that emerge as a light towards she tries to run to. I think that the most important features of  Jane Eyre are those ones who make the main character grow-up, that is, those ones that help her to recognize her own needs as both a human being and a woman. For example there is sentence that  bears the following idea: “Because I would rather be happy than to obbey my pride.” This is a keypoint to every human being: we have to learn that among the worst things we must chose those ones that are “less worse” to ourselves.

I personally recommend this book to everyone but specially to all those women who like reading, because in Jane Eyre they will find either the metaphorical reflection of their own growing-up or a metaphor of the still untouched path it is to grow-up and learn about yourself.


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