Fanny Hill by John Clealand

Fanny Hill                    (John Clealand)


Fanny Hill is the first erotic novel of the English history.  It is a bildungsroman with an epistolary form that provides the reader with the discovering of sex and love by a young countryside-girl named Fanny Hill. When her parents die Fanny finds herself, although alone, helped by a suspicious girl Esther Davis who will take her to London in order to make a living. But once they get there Esther betrays our heroin and till then a whole story of discovering and enjoyment begins.

I got this novel last Christmas and due to compulsory reading and the fact that the first pages are very tough I left it on my beside table. But last week I decided to give it another try and I could not be happier with the results! It is a very amusing novel full of new experiences and so daring that the author could not but be kept in jail many times. I totally recommend it to all those one who, as I hadn’t, had never ever read an erotic novel. I promise you this wonderful piece is full of good taste, sensuality and last but no least, the incredible experiences of a young girl who is starting her adult life discovering sex, envy, betrayal, loyalty and the importance of love.


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